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A great American sedan...70 years ago. #Packard #PackardClipper :
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A great American sedan...70 years ago. #Packard #PackardClipper :
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Mark Adams Or...Ranger in 3 years... November 2, 2015


Mars has reached opposition. On May 30, 2016 it will be the closest to the Earth that it has been since 2005. #Mars #Planet #Earth
MineStatus has updated again, some things to point out are videos are mixed in with images on the home page now. We also added a new photo page for profiles.
Man from Mars is an alliteration. So is the name Stephen Stills. The song is about Neil Young's longstanding musical relationship with Stills. Here is the
Meet the Man from Mars (foreground w/cigarette):
I met a Man from Mars, He picked up all My Guitars, and played me Travelling Songs.<br /> And when we got on Ship, He brought out something for the Trip.<br
Here sits a beautiful anomaly in space, in a far far away galaxy. #space #galaxy #background #exploration
Replaced on the display with new Flip3 units. #JBLflip2 (s)(4) were promptly shared with the staff here at MineStatus.