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Meet the Man from Mars (foreground w/cigarette):
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Meet the Man from Mars (foreground w/cigarette):
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This is the result of 1 mammal, driving the rest to extinction for greed. #lost #of #nature #growing #rapidly #deforestation #global #scale
This is the exact same thing I'm growing in my bedroom, look at this lovely bamboo. #pandas
The one place I wanna visit most. I used to have dreams of it everyday. I just wanna see the sign in person.
Important Update: #HelenaHandbasket is recuperating at the #Handbasket estate following oral surgery. #DrWoodroop has been at her side through the whole ord
Axl Rose will now be the new lead singer for AC/DC. #Axl #ACDC #music
In my heart we share a home, and we were never meant to be alone. You know we got each other.