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I was so young. xD
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I was so young. xD
Ammadkhalid thumbed this.
Ammadkhalid Maybe Still there :P haha April 2, 2016
Stacie Willoughby I am 22 haha April 2, 2016
Stacie Willoughby what about now? haha April 2, 2016
Ammadkhalid And Now ? :P April 2, 2016



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35 years ago... #StopTheKilling #forSanBernadino #forColoradoSprings #forParis...
You're my world. The shelter from the rain. You're the pills that take away my pain. You're the light that helps me find my way. You're the words when I have
Back in the 1930's, Henry Ford's son Edsel wanted a European style luxury car. The first #Continental had a powerful V12 engine based on Ford's successful f
In my heart we share a home, and we were never meant to be alone. You know we got each other.